Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We had a fun Halloween, we went to the Bakers house and went trick or treating. Here is Peyton hanging out with uncle mitchell the cowboy.

Here is my handsome husband. I'm not sure exactly what he was for halloween, but he looked good. Go Jr!

Back to the cute pictures. Here is Taylor the witch, Peyton the black cat, and Jack the spider.

My little spider won't hold still for very long, he gets into everything.

Here are the three maggots in their halloween shirts that grandma bought them. Thankyou grandma!

This was Taylor in her first Halloween parade at school. I went to her class and helped out with the Halloween party and she had a lot of fun.


the warrens said...

sweet. the kids are adorable. tj on the otherhand isn't. :)

dianeandkenholmes said...

The kiddos are cute or should they be scary? No THEY are cute but TJ is SCARY!! I know it is him though...I would recognize those teeth anywhere. HA!

Jill said...

hahahaha..we all loved TJ's costume! Your kids all looked SO cute. Easton loved seeing them in their costumes!