Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The night before the 4th we celebrated with the Baker's and the Lucus's. We had a BBQ at the Bakers house, let the kids play, and did fireworks. Here is Taylor and Easton playing in a tent in the back yard.

Here I am with my dirty faced two year old.

Peyton and Taylor were in heaven playing in the tent. They were pretending it was there doctor's office and they would take you in there and ask you what was hurting, then they would brush it off with this little broom they had. I think that Easton just liked being in the Tent with the girls, and the parents liked it because it kept them busy and out of trouble.

Here is my 2 men! Arn't they cute?

Jack and Jolie really loved hanging out together. Isn't Jolie the most beautiful baby?

Here is Peyton and Taylor ready for the fireworks! They were so excited!

Here is Mitchell holding Jolie and getting ready for the fireworks (he was almost more excited than the girls)

here are the girls and Easton with their sparklers! They had so much fun.

Here is Papa holding Jack before the fireworks. The babies didn't like the loud noises that the fireworks made. If it would've just been the lights without the noise they would have loved it.

Happy 4th of July!

The Beach

We went to the beach in June and it was Jacks first visit to the beach. He just sat in his beach chair all day....

Just kidding, he slept most of the time! I don't know if it was the sounds or the breeze, but everytime we went he slept for a few hours. He is definately a beach bumb!

The girls loved the beach like always! They played in the sand for hours each day. They also love jumping waves and looking for sea shells. They never get board at the beach. So with Jack sleeping most the time and the girls loving it I even got to relax a little.

We loved that the Bakers were there. Here are the uncles jumping waves with the girls. It was nice to have extra people to play with the girls because TJ couldn't come.

Here's the beautiful Huntington Pier. It brings back all the fun memories that I had at the beach as a child. The beach is always the best vacation.

Here is Aunt Kenzie with Peyton, after a long day at the beach she fell asleep while Kenzie was holding her. Jack just woke up from his long nap and was chillin in my beach chair.

It was fun that we got to hang out with Uncle Bret and Aunt Whitney because they live in California and we don't get to see them as much as the aunts and uncles. Here is Bret holding Jack at the Markham's house.

We were really excited to see Aunt Wendy, she lives in California and we don't see her as much as we would like but we want her to know that we love her! My girls always love to see her! Here she is holding Jack, I just love this picture!

We had a good time at the beach and we missed dad but we had a lot of fun! Thanks for letting us go dad and working so hard while we were gone. We love you!