Monday, August 25, 2008


This should be a great year for my teams. Clemson is ranked preseason #9 and BYU is #16. I just hope both teams can live up to their respectful expectations. I grew up going to Death Valley every Saturday to watch my Tigers play and I still support them as much as I can here in Utah. Here's to both Clemson and BYU having undeafted seasons!! Go Tigers and Go Cougs!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Quest

This is the most exciting time of the our anniversary...not 4th of July or not even Thanksgiving...its College Football time!!! We got our BYU season tickets in the mail this week and we are ready for a great season. Sometimes I am not sure who likes football or Katie! I have to be one of the luckiest guys in the world. Last week we were at Katie's parents house and we were talking about football and then katie's dad said to me, "TJ, how many husbands have a wife that would know what a double reverse is or a screen pass is? You got one good girl!" He is right, I do! So back to BYU...It should be a great season!! A Clemson post will come soon!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Newport Beach Fun!!!!

USA Basketball

On our way home from the beach we were able to stop in Las Vegas to see one of my old college buddies and his family. Thanks again D and Samye for the hospitality while we came through for the night. We had alot of fun with them and Taylor and Peyton loved playing with Halle and Bennett. D was able to get us tickets to the Team USA vs. Canada game that night. It was awesome seeing the NBA's best players on the court all together on the same team. And of course our 2 favorite players on the team are Carlos Boozer and Deron Williams....Go Jazz! :) The USA won 120-65 so it wasn't to much of a "game". Probably the highlight of the evening was when about 10 servicemen and women who had just returned from Irag and Afghanistan were introduced. The whole crowd gave them a standing ovation as each person was introduced and all the players were up cheering them on as well. Then as they were out on the court the whole crowd starting chanting "USA, USA, USA" It was probably one of the coolest moments and made me so proud to be an American and so grateful for those that sacrifice their lives for our freedoms!!

Angels Game

While at the beach we had a chance to take in an Angels game. Just some background...The Angles minor league team plays in Salt Lake and we love going to those games. It was fun being at the Angels game because about 4 of their starters previously played in Salt Lake. I think Taylor and Peyton's favorite part was the cotton candy. The Angels won the game 3-2 and now we are pretty big fans and not just because they have the best record in baseball!! Go Angels