Friday, May 23, 2008

Peyton Sleeping

The other day Peyton was so tired she totally fell asleep on the arm of the couch. It was so cute, it was like she just passed out there. They are always cute when the are sleeping, too bad we can't say that about when they are awake:) We love our little Peyton.

The Heber Creeper!

While Grandpa and Grandma Anderson were in town we took them to ride the Heber Creeper. I don't know who loved it more the kids, TJ, or Grandpa! We had a lot of fun with the Grandparents and loved having them in town. Thankyou for all the fun and everything you did for us while you were here we really appreciated it. Taylor is still talking about all the fun she had with Grandma and Grandpa Anderson. We love you guys!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dinosaur Park

My dad and step-mom came to visit for a week from South Carolina. We had a great time with them here. One of the many places we went was the Dinosaur Park that is in Ogden. A quick story...At the park they had a museum and inside it they had life-like dinosaurs that moved and made noises. Taylor was scared of them and wanted nothing to do with them. She ran up to her grandpa to be held and asked him to leave so they did not have to see the dinosaurs any more. At the end of our day at the park Taylor wanted to go back by those same dinosaurs to prove she was not scared of them. Sure enough we went back by and she liked them this time and she thought they were the coolest thing ever!

Fun at the Park

The weather has been pretty crazy here. One day its close to 80 then the next day its back to the 40's with snow flurries. We were able to take advantage of one the nice days by going to the park and flying kites. Taylor picked out the butterfly kite and after flying it I think that a real butterfly can fly alot better then their look-a-like friend!

Congrats Tara

My sister, Tara, had her first little baby. His name is Erik Davis Warren and he was born on April 12! Taylor and Peyton are both excited to have another cousin and they also loved that Grandma came in to town to see the baby(although they always think Grandma comes just to see them) Congrats Tara!!!