Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Real Salt lake Soccer Game!

So one of Katie's newest cleints is the President of Real Salt Lake which is an MLS soccer team. He was just the VP of Sales with the Philaphedia Eagles and this is his first year with Real. Katie being the big sports fan that she is took him up on his offer for some tickets for the family. We were excited because that match they were playing the New England Revolution which is the best team in League. We picked up are tickets and started trying to find our seats. We found a seating chart but still could not find our section on the chart and did not know where to go. We found a usher and asked him where our section was. After looking at the tickets he looked up and said, "Are you kidding me? Do you know somebody?" I mentioned that we kinda knew the President of the team and then the usher said, "well that makes sense because these seats are in the executive suites"!!! Awesome huh? So we got to watch the game in amazing seats and had a free catered dinner from Famous Dave's BBQ (one of our favs) in our suite. We had all the soda and ice cream we wanted for free also!(Not that I like ice cream at all and the fact that they ran out of ice cream I had nothing to do with.) Real went on to win the game also which was icing on the cake! So needless to say we are now big Real fans and now whenever Bill offers us tickets to go to the game again we won't hesitate at all...Go Real!!


Here's TJ, McKenzie, and Jill on the Rocket!

Here's GiGi and Peyton on the ferris wheel enjoying the view

Mom and Taylor on Puff the magic dragon! Taylor was really brave and tried lots of fun rides. She said that they made her stomach go crazy!

Taylor on the swings! She is so brave.

Taylor on the Helicopter ride with a random girl. Taylor had so much fun at Lagoon. We were glad after the last week when she was asking how many days untill Lagoon at least twice a day!

Here's me and Peyton hanging out at Lagoon. I had a fun day but I think one or two days at Lagoon each summer is enough (especially with little kids.)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Ultimate Jazz Fan

I consider myself a pretty avid Jazz fan, but this guy on the left is a pretty big fan himself. Yes that guy on the left is the one and only Marcus Baker (my brother-in-law) I was on the Jazz website today just checking up on the team and low and behold this picture was on there. The funny thing about this picture is that it was taken like 3 or 4 years ago. Its fans like Marcus that keep the NBA going!! Good job Marc!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day Dad!

Happy Fathers day TJ! You are such an awesome dad and so cute! I couldn't ask for a better husband or father for my girls. You always work so hard and then you come home and play with the girls. They are always so happy when daddy comes home. I am always happy when dad comes home too (then I am not out numbered anymore). I hope that you have a great fathers day and know that we love you very much!