Monday, January 25, 2010

The Holidays

We had so much fun over the hlidays. We had a lot of visitors, so many people who love us.

Nana came for Thanksgiving from Pheonix, and we loved having her here. Our cousins also came and we celebrated Nana's 80th birthday! Thanks for coming grandma we had a lot of fun.

Then about a week before Christmas TJ's mom came into town from Colorado and we celebrated Christmas with her. It was awesome we love spending time with grandma Diane and we appreciate her coming. She does so much for us. We also spent time with Tara and her family. She hosted the Christmas party and did a wonderful job.

Then for Christmas Uncle Bret and Aunt Whitney came from California to visit. It was so fun to see them, the kids just loved spending time with them. It was fun for them to see Jack getting bigger and crawling around. Thanks for coming Bret and Whit it was fun to see you.

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dianeandkenholmes said...

Yay! Was so excited to see new pictures on your blog just now.
I'm always checking....and what a nice surprise.
XO, Miss you all!