Monday, August 31, 2009

Kindergarten Here We Come!

Taylor is so excited for school! You can probabally tell by the cheerleader pose.

She looked so cute, I love that I could have worn the exact same outfit and my hair crimped just like Taylor when I was in kindergarten.

Here's the cute little sister, she is sad that Taylor is going to be going to school everyday but I am excited to have some mommy-Peyton time.

Here's Taylor getting off the bus for the first time! She was actually doing a full on sprint back to the house!

Peyton missed Taylor a lot and ran to meet her when she came off the bus. At dinner tonight TJ was asking Taylor if she had a guy or girl bus driver. Taylor (in her Taylor way) said "It was a guy bus driver, He was kinda black with shortish hair". TJ then proceeded to ask her if it was Carlos Boozer to which she rolled her eyes and said, "no dad, it was not Carlos Boozer"

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The next Mia Hamm?

Taylor has now officially started her career in the sports world. She had her first soccer game this past Saturday and she did a good job making her parents proud by scoring a goal in the game. She is playing with one of her best friends which makes for a powerful one-two punch! In her age group they practice for the first half hour and then play four 5 minute quarters after the practice. Now we get to be the parents that provide the capri suns and orange slices at the games. How fun is that!! We will keep everyone updated on the season and let you know what college scouts are coming out looking at her and her soccer skills.