Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Perfect Workout

So after eating a big dinner and having tons of snacks during the Jazz game, Katie's brother, Marcus and his wife Brittany and Taylor decided to do a workout video that was on TV. Little did they know that I was going to grab the video camera and film it. Marcus was not to happy about the video and I promised him I would not post it on the blog...Promises can be broken right?!! Thanks Marcus and Brittany for the good footage! Enjoy


Marcus and Brittany came and slept over on Easter and this is all the "kids" waiting to go find easter baskets and eggs that the easter bunny left.

Taylor was so excited about the camera that the easter bunny left for her so she was taking pictures and Peyton was more into eating all the candy!

Taylor and Peyton had so much fun finding eggs and easter baskets. They loved having Marcus and Brittany there they love them so much. Thanks for coming we had a fun weekend.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Disney Princesses on Ice!

Taylor loves princesses! She had so much fun! We went on Wednesday night with Taylor's friend Aubrey. Taylor was so funny to watch, she got so excited about everything! She would giggle and cheer for the princesses as they came out. As you probably know she comes from a family who loves sports and she was doing loud yells like TJ and I do while watching sports. She got a snow cone there and it was in the lovely princess cup and she just loves it. She was so excited to wear her snow white dress, and she looked so cute. There were lots of other girls dressed up as well and Taylor liked that a lot too. I had so much fun watching Taylor watch the show it was worth every penny.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tara's baby shower

My sister-in-law Tara is going to have a baby in April and we are so excited. She is having a baby boy and doesn't she look cute with her baby belly. TJ's mom came in town and did a baby shower for her it was fun to have grandma in town. Taylor and Peyton loved the shower because there were lots of friends and food, it doesn't get much better than that! The little blond girl is Tara's niece Elle, her and Taylor had a fun time. Congratulations Tara! We are so excited for Taylor and Peyton's cousin to come.

Curlers in your hair!

Peyton Loves to eat Yogurt but she hates having curlers in her hair. She left them in for a while, but then started trying to take them out. In an attempt to distract her I gave her some yogurt. Sorry for the nudity I always just take her shirt off while she eats yogurt and other messy things because she always gets it all over her. I try and put bibs on her but she has learned to pull them off. It also looks like she is eating it more with her hand instead of the spoon but there is an apple in her hand because she loves to dip so that is a good way for her to eat it. She just dips the apple in the yogurt and eats it off the apple. I took some pictures with her and Taylor and of course Taylor is wearing a crown (she is always playing dress up or pretending something).